Welcome to 3 Sovereign Court

We hope you enjoy being based here – we aim to make your tenancy trouble-free.

The following content provides a guide and useful information to ensure the smooth running of the offices and is designed to promote a safe and secure working environment.  As the owners and managers of the building, we are based only a short distance away in George Street, and can be contacted during office hours for any day-to-day issues, or 24-7 in the event of an emergency.


  1. The building heating is controlled centrally via the Worcester Bosch boiler in the ground floor kitchen. Please use the individual thermostats on the radiators in your office to control the individual office heat levels.
  2. No additional form of heating, e.g. electric fan heaters, are permitted within the building as these can represent a fire risk. If you would like the heating level adjusted, please contact us.

Office cleaning

  1. Our cleaners will attend the offices to clean the common areas every weekend.
  2. They have keys to all necessary areas.
  3. Our cleaners will also refill toilet rolls, soap and hand towels in the common areas at this time (1st and 2nd floor WCs). If you run short of toilet rolls or soap during the week, please contact us.
  4. Please ensure that you have adequate provision in place to clean your own office space on a regular basis. Weekly vacuuming of carpets is essential to ensure their longevity. Please contact us if you would like to use the services of our cleaners.

Window cleaning

  1. Our window cleaners attend once a quarter to clean all external and internal glass.
  2. Helen Gibbins will attend with them to provide access to all areas.
  3. We will seek to keep disruption to a minimum.

Kitchen facilities

  1. Tenants on the first and second floor need to liaise regarding the use and tidiness of the kitchen facilities located on the second floor.
  2. Tenants should be aware that they need to provide their own consumables in this area including the provision and washing of tea towels.
  3. No toasters are permitted within the building, as they give rise to food odours, can interfere with the fire alarm and can pose a fire risk.

Meter readings

  1. 3 Sovereign Court contains the electricity meters for half of the units in the courtyard.
  2. Please refer anyone requesting access to: Helen Gibbins, Office Manager, Carousel Property at our offices.


  1. Please ensure that the front door is maintained secure at all times:
    1. Latched on the Yale lock when present.
    2. Additionally, locked on the mortice lock when not present.
    3. Front gate closed out of hours.

Fire alarm testing

  1. Helen Gibbins will attend on a weekly basis, usually on a Friday morning, to test the fire alarm system for the building.


  1. Helen Gibbins will attend on a weekly basis to collect any post for previous tenants or incorrectly addressed.


  1. Please ensure that all refuse is placed in black bin bags and deposited in the correct Biffa bins in the courtyard. Paper recycling should also be placed in the designated recycling Biffa bin.
  2. Please ensure that no objects are left in the common areas of the building (particularly stairwells) as this can create trip hazards and block the main fire exit.


  1. If you would like a sign outside the front door in the same style as the other tenant signs, we can obtain a cost to produce it for you. The dimensions for the artwork are as follows:
    1. 145mm (h) x 240mm (w)
    2. For best results, please provide vector based artwork where possible

Contact details

For all queries, please contact:

Helen Gibbins
0121 236 8850

In the event of an emergency please contact:

Mark McKeever
07912 895 505

Beverley Dunn
07770 437 143